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What readers have to say about Cruising Alaska Tropical Style by Patty Kunze Tatum:

What a delightful story. If you have ever cruised it will give you such insight. It helped me to better appreciate all the people who work below deck and serve those of us who are guests on the ship. Only someone with Patty Kunze Tatum’s experience of working on two different cruise lines and also being a middle school language arts teacher could write such an enjoyable narrative with such good character development. It is written in the voice of Sara Alexander, who is on summer break after her 9th grade year at school. Perfect for teenage readers but I truly enjoyed it as well. I honestly believe it will change my next cruise experience. Here is hoping this talented writer will be working on her next novel. – June S. Sinclair

Great for the whole family! Entertaining book for the whole family to read together. The author understands young teenagers and their relationships with family and friends. The book has thoughtful insights into family dynamics and creates good character growth. The description of shipboard life was very informative and interesting.I want to take a cruise!! – Nancy L.

Thoroughly enjoyable This is a delightful story that will appeal to a variety of readers. The main characters are teenagers, and we are allowed to experience a summer of growth and adventure through their eyes aboard a cruise ship plying the Alaska inside passage. Having read and enjoyed the book myself, I’m looking forward to sharing it with my grandchildren. – Bruce Johnson

Fun reading that makes you think. Great book that makes you think about family dynamics of teens, as well as team work with others. Enjoyed this trip to Alaska!! – Mary J L

All Aboard! In Cruising Alaska Tropical Style, fifteen-year-old Sara takes the trip of a lifetime. While she involuntarily signs on for a trip to Alaska aboard a modern cruise ship, Sara actually embarks on a voyage of self discovery. Because her mother is the cruise director, Sara provides the reader with behind the scenes access to another side of the cruising experience. This book is thoroughly engaging and a delightful choice for younger readers who will immediately identify with one or more of its characters. More mature readers, however, will also enjoy experiencing the always unique journey through Canadian and Alaskan waters aboard a cruise liner. Don’t wait, begin the journey! – R Laurence

Feel like a young traveler I feel like a young traveler, exploring the world and having adventures through the eyes of Sara Alexander, daughter of a career Cruise Director. Teenage Sara joins her mother for the first time since she was a pre-schooler, for the whole summer, on a cruise. Initially, Sara isn’t too happy about the plan. She doesn’t want to leave her friends behind for the summer, or her father, whom she gets along with well. Sara doesn’t feel that close to her mother, whom she sarcastically refers to in her thoughts as the “Queen Mother.” However, as in all good novels, characters change and develop as the story unfolds! As Sara explores her feelings of missing friends back home, makes new friends that are much different from her friends back home, and moves through various stages with her relationship with her mother, I feel totally “in” Sara’s life and her changes. I am also getting a peak in to life for the crew on a cruise ship, kind of a special life style, that not many of us would otherwise experience first hand…I find it to be a GREAT BOOK, well-written and engaging. I highly recommend it to young people as well as adults! – Heather Hanson

Great character writing Great character writing. Sara is very believable. The author takes us on a behind the scenes adventure and journey of self discovery. Nice size print, easy to read but hard to put down. I’m sure we will be seeing more from this author. I could easily see Sara becoming a rock star celebrity with all those challenges in another book. – Ken P.

Looking forward to the next book in the “Sarah Series” I thought it was great for young teens It was hard to put down but I also found myself wanting it to not end. I also enjoyed seeing this young girl’s awakening to another part of the world outside of her own little world of friends, school, and parents. – Jep Tatum

great book and it sure took me on an exciting… adventure in the life of a cruise ship thanks patty – Judith Amelio

How would you like to spend your entire summer vacation on an Alaskan-based cruise ship exploring exotic ports, eating delicious food, and enjoying beautiful scenery? If you had to leave your best friends and dad behind to share a tiny cabin with your workaholic “Queen Mother the Cruise Director” who drives you totally insane, would you still want to go? Pack your bags and come aboard the Northwind with fifteen-year-old Sara Alexander as she travels alone to a floating world full of adventure, confusion, glamour, and excitement. It’ll be the best summer ever, because glaciers, guitars, the Northern Lights, whales, new friends, Charlie the harbor seal, and the whole crew is waiting. Don’t let them sail away without you!

Read Cruising Alaska Tropical Style now! Available in e-book (for purchase, or read for free through the Kindle Lending Library/Kindle Unlimited program) or paperback at Amazon – just click the tab above.

About the author: Patty Kunze Tatum celebrates artistic expression, exploring the world, and spontaneous exuberance. Her diverse experiences include graduating from the University of Central Florida, traveling with Up With People, teaching English in Japan, crewing on a yacht in the South Pacific, working on board Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Line ships, roaming around four continents, and surviving a decade of middle school as a National Board Certified language arts teacher. This eclectic background that defines her cross-cultural understanding led her to create Cruising Alaska, Tropical Style.

She enjoys thinking outside the box, connecting with people, and appreciating God’s creation through activities including contra dancing, festivals, and photography. Patty plays trumpet, bass, concertina, and percussion with Sound Traveler, a full-time acoustic music duo she shares with her husband Bob. They live at the beach in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Patty’s six-word memoir is “Live, love, dance, laugh, make music.” She encourages you to create your own story and follow your dreams wherever they lead.