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Where rhythm meets rhyme!

It (the workshop) was memorable because it taught me a lot about how Language Arts and music come together. I will never forget this class! – Dana B., 8th grader at Edgewood Jr/Sr High School, Merritt Island, FL

Sound Traveler gave an insightful and diverse presentation about the importance of music. Their seminar was informative and inspirational–each person now knows more about the roots of music and the process of inspiration and dedication in the arts. Highly rated! Thumbs up! – Ron Rountree, Instructor, Eastern Florida State College

Every time Sound Traveler visits our middle schoolers, the students are very engaged in their music and related lessons. The students have such a positive response to Bob, Patty and their music! Most of all, the students who are not typically engaged in lessons from the general education curriculum are VERY attentive to Bob and Patty, and very excited about the presentation. – Heather Hanson, Director of Professional Development and Data Analysis, RCMA Leadership Academy, Wimauma, FL

Sound Traveler provides a great blend of fun and facts to educate people on the rhythm of words. – Kay Ormand, parent, Heritage Homeschoolers, Newland, NC

We so enjoyed a very rewarding and interesting afternoon. I was so enchanted by what I did hear and see. Your presentation was rated most highly by the group on our questionnaire, with comments such as: “These art forms combine so beautifully,” “These two are great artists and a treasure,” and “I like poetry more than I realized.” Thank you for such an outstanding program. – Elaine Chacho, Secretary of Brevard Elderlearning

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Tatum for showing us that poetry is like music and music is like poetry. I really didn’t like poetry. But now that you showed me that if you love music you should love poetry too. – Daisy M., middle school student, RCMA Leadership Academy, Wimauma, FL

So they may share their love of music, poetry, writing, and creativity, Bob & Patty Tatum, through their musical duo Sound Traveler, have designed an innovative series of interactive workshops that are suitable for groups of all ages. Both of them are musicians, writers, and educators (National Board Certified Teachers) with fifty years of combined experience in education and an even longer connection with music. Patty has played trumpet professionally all over the world while Bob has performed regionally for many years. He has also written, directed, and performed in an original musical called Breath Like a Wind. They released their first CD of original music in 2011 and their second in 2014.

Sound Traveler has had the honor of presenting Poetry & Music workshops to the following organizations:

Avery Middle School, Newland, NC

Brevard Elderlearning Group, Brevard County, FL

Center for Spiritual Living Space Coast, Rockledge, FL

Cranberry Middle School, Cranberry, NC

Edgewood Jr/Sr High School, Merritt Island, FL

Heritage Homeschoolers, Newland, NC

RCMA Leadership Academy, Wimauma, FL

Watauga County Public Library, Boone, NC

They have presented music performance workshops at the following events:

Barberville Folk Festival, Barberville, FL

Lake County Folk Festival, Eustis, FL

Sarasota Folk Festival, Sarasota, FL

Sunshine State Acoustic Music Camp, St. Petersburg, FL

A brief description of each workshop is listed below. Click the appropriate button for more information about individual workshops.

Poetry and Music (a.k.a. Word, Song & Spirit) – Through this workshop, Bob & Patty demonstrate a direct relationship between music and poetry, drawing reluctant poetry students into meaningful interaction with verse. Musical instruments and visual displays are utilized to engage students in analyzing and responding to lyric and narrative poetry, while the use of original material facilitates creative expression by the students. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Poetry, Music, & Spirituality – In this workshop designed for adults, Bob & Patty show connections between poetry, music, and spirituality while taking a non-denominational approach to the topic. They illustrate that music and poetry have been integral to spiritual disciplines of many different religions. Participants are invited to explore poetry and music as they embrace their own faith journeys. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Playing Well with Others (a.k.a. How to Jell at the Jam and other Sweet Topics) – As the name implies, through this workshop participants explore ways to interact with other musicians in more positive and fruitful ways. Class members are invited to bring their own instruments and play along while Bob & Patty demonstrate sound etiquette and techniques for creating the most satisfying jam circle possible. This hands-on workshop works well for musicians of any age and all skill levels who are interested in playing in musical ensembles both formal & informal. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Keys to Making a Small Acoustic Band – Having talent is not enough, as too many musicians have discovered the hard way. Through this workshop, Bob & Patty help participants to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with forming a small, acoustic band. This workshop is suitable for music enthusiasts of all ages, and emphasis is placed on discussion and idea sharing rather than jamming and playing. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Workshop Made to Order – With their combined experience in both music and education, Bob & Patty are willing and able to construct meaningful workshops to suit a client’s individual requests. Contact them for more information, and a customized program can be designed.