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The sound of his guitar continued to ring in my head days after he presented.  His guitar playing was smooth and natural, his voice greatly complemented the guitar, and it seemed he enjoyed it as much as I did. – David R., 8th grader at Edgewood Jr/Sr High School, Merritt Island, FL

There’s much more to making music and entertaining folks than just knowing how to play an instrument. You need to know how to play with other people, and if you want to have a band you have to know how to put one together. Patty and Bob Tatum, Sound Traveler, know how to do those things and do them professionally for audiences across the United States and in other countries. They’ve agreed to come to the Sunshine State Acoustic Music Camp once again, November 14-15-16 in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida, and show YOU how to play well with others and put together a band. Better not miss this one! – Charley Groth, Camp Director, SSAMC, St. Petersburg, FL

Patty and Bob Tatum host a wonderful and important workshop for us at the Barberville Settlement for the Creative Arts festivals! “Playing Well With Others” is what we all strive for… and they make it fun and interesting to learn how!!! Thanks so much for all you do, Patty and Bob!!! – Katie and Joe Waller, festival organizers, Barberville Folk Festival

Overall description:  Bob & Patty have developed several music performance workshops in order to share their lifelong love of making music.  It is their hope that others can experience greater joy through music and a heightened feeling of accomplishment after participating in their workshops. Emphasis is placed on active student participation, and questions are encouraged.  Although each workshop has a general focus and a well-planned course structure, spontaneous adjustments are made when appropriate to accommodate the needs of the individual attendees and the group as a whole.

In Playing Well With Others, Bob & Patty will cover important topics such as preparing before arriving to a jam circle, showing respect to all group members, active listening, beginning with the basics, following the ground rules of the group, and having fun.  After discussion is complete, the students will form a jam circle of their own with Bob & Patty’s facilitation.  The jam will begin with some simple, familiar tunes led by Bob & Patty.  When appropriate, students will then take turns leading the group in songs.  At all times, the emphasis is placed on relaxing and enjoying the rewarding experience of making music with other group members.

In Keys to Making a Small Acoustic Band, Bob & Patty encourage musicians of all skill levels to attend this discussion-based workshop.  It is designed for musicians who want to join or form a jam group, wish to create a successful small acoustic band, or desire to improve their already-existing band. Students will be asked to determine where they currently are in their musical journey and where they dream of being in the future.  Then, Bob & Patty will lead the group in discussing the recommended steps to take to reach these goals.  All performance levels, from living room solos to becoming a full professional act, are examined and considered.  Various aspects of the journey, such as goal-setting, personnel considerations, commitment levels, professionalism, financial gains, etc. will be discussed.

Materials needed:  Sound Traveler will provide print material and/or templates as appropriate, musical instruments and white board.  Client will provide classroom space (indoors or outdoors) and opportunity.

Length of individual workshop sessions:  average course length is one hour, but sessions may be tailored to fit the client’s scheduling needs.

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