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Because of you I’ve realized that poems are really cool.  I’ve written a small poem:

You guys are the best

Thank you so much

I will remember you when I get my poetry test

I will miss you a bunch. – Maria R., middle school student, RCMA Leadership Academy, Wimauma, FL

I loved how the powerpoint went perfectly with the song!  I was very impressed with the skill level of Mrs. Tatum being able to play the bass, trumpet, and best of all…she had a gorgeous voice!  I was expecting the songs not to be intriguing at all, but after the class, my mind was blown!  I enjoyed “The Sound Traveler Band” a lot, and I hope that they will come back to our school in years to come! – Olivia D., 8th grader at Edgewood Jr/Sr High School, Merritt Island, FL

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Bob and Patty Tatum from Sound Traveler. The kids had a great time and it was a good hands-on learning experience for the kids to learn how music is very much like poetry. They also showed how familiar music has the elements of poetry, such as alliteration, repetition, similes, allusions, etc. The kids also really enjoyed the alligator song that Bob Tatum wrote about his childhood experience with a pet alligator. It was just a great learning experience that was very fun and interactive. – Kalynn Viramontes, Middle School Math Teacher, RCMA Leadership Academy, Wimauma, FL

CLICK HERE to read an Avery Journal newspaper article about Sound Traveler’s Poetry & Music Workshops

CLICK HERE to visit Sound Traveler’s YouTube channel and watch them in action in the classroom at Avery Middle School, teaching literary analysis and leading discussions.  Three different segments, featuring three different songs, are featured:

Sukiyaki: CLICK HERE

Gators for Sale: CLICK HERE

Here Comes the Sun:  CLICK HERE

Overall description:  For many people, poetry is abstract, confusing, and not well-connected to everyday experience.  Music, on the other hand, bathes our human existence in a variety of sounds. Through this innovative and interactive workshop, Bob and Patty Tatum will demonstrate the fundamental relationship between poetry and music, present live poetry and music, provide a visual display including original photography & lyrics to enhance their presentation, and invite participants to share their own poetic writings.  Ideally students will become more engaged in experiencing poetry, and they will become more proficient in expressing themselves in poetry and in prose as well.

The main purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate the direct connection between the often more familiar and inviting medium of music and the less familiar, sometimes intimidating, world of poetry. The lyrics of well-known songs are used to show the basic elements of poetry, and audio/visual displays illustrating Bob & Patty’s original poems and songs are demonstrated to extend the process.

Materials needed:  Sound Traveler will provide computer, print material templates if desired, musical instruments and sound reinforcement equipment.  Client will provide classroom space, projector, screen, and opportunity.

Length of individual workshop sessions:  45 minutes to two hours

For price quotes & more information:  contact Sound Traveler at or call407-312-3420.